Call sign: Candy
Color: Blue Roan
Sexe: Female
Date of birth: 27-04-2018
Father: Wonder Winner Skar-Line Colour Range
Mother: Outcast Fairytale Of Blue Moon
 Wonder Winner Skar-Line Colour Range Lynwater Sticky Moment Cassum Hey Jude
Lynwater Truffle Delight
Zita Skar-Line Colour Range Lynwater Sea Biscuit
Queen Marry Skar-Line Colour Range
 Outcast Fairytale Of Blue Moon Kyna Pure N'Simple Jayzander Murphy Law
Kyna Nora Batty
Genny Black Petrs Lynwater Sea Star
Ceria In Blue Black Petrs
Datum/Date  Show
2019-11-24  Dogshow Iserlohn D: openklasse - 1 uitmuntend CAC-teef
2019-05-26  Vlecs show in Beusichem: 2 uitmuntend Jeugdklasse
2018-12-02  Duitse Cocker Clubshow - 1 veelbelovend Puppyklasse, beste puppy teef
AON Free
Cataract / MPP Free
FN Free
PRA Free