Call sign: Smokey
Color: Blue Roan
Sexe: Female
Date of birth: 27-01-2019
Father: Charbonnel Hop'N'Skip
Mother: Della Fiumana Serenata Rap
Charbonnel Hop'N'Skip Manaca's Learn Life's Ropes At Charbonnel Manaca's Beat About The Bush
Manaca's Cross Country
Charbonnel Pinny'N'Pearls Terriles Tonuelo 
Charbonnel Girls'N'Pearls
Della Fiunmana Serenata Rap Della Fiunmana Rondo Veneziano Marquell Ment To Be For Her
Della Fiunmana Mamma Mia
Della Fiunmana Back To The  Future Rangecraig Roulette
Della Fiunmana Art Attach
Datum/Date  Show
2020-02-09  Dogshow Eindhoven - jeugdklasse - 2 uitmuntend
2019-12-01  Erkenswisch D: jeugdklasse - 4 uitmuntend
2019-09-29  Dogshow Maastricht puppyklasse: beste puppy van het ras.
AON Free
Cataract / MPP Free
FN Free
PRA Free