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Supported by my family

am I Mildred Ockersthe proud owner of the Quaondy┬┤s kennel
It all started in 1976. My parents gave me my first male cocker called Image. I was then eleven years old and already had a more than normal interest in dogs. Years later we moved from Amsterdam to Limburg. My parents gave me the opportunity to keep more dogs and bought me two more cockers: Dynamite and Quietly. I myself bought a labrador called Onestly.

Avondpartij Dekamerone


The base

In 1998 I had the opportunity to buy three dogs from top lines. They laid the foundation for my own lines for perfect combinations. My own line, which I had wanted for so long, was now finally taking shape. Together with my male, Evening Party Dekamerone, which was later imported from the Ukraine, this became a great success.

The success continues

And the success lasted and continues. In the meantime, in addition to my cocker spaniels, I have also studied beagle breeding.